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  • Landing Page launched

    We finished our beautiful landing page and our core team completed the presentation export function. We've also did a small update on the live preview.

  • Code Widget

    Code widget implementation finished. Edit functionality of Code widgets is not finished yet.

  • New default theme, UI improvements

    Our frontend Team designed a new default theme for the editor and implemented some UI improvements. Dialog library implemented. Delete slide, delete widget and edit HTML dialogs integrated.

  • Save function & WYSIWYG Editor

    Today we implemented the save function and did some UI changes regarding save functionality. Also we've developed a small WYSIWYG editor for text widgets.

  • Basic Core

    We finally finished the core webserver and started development on the editor component. Our frontend team is working on new UI concepts.

  • Development started

    We started development on invira with a small development team. Concept art and first editor prototypes were created. Our project lead finished setting up the development and deployment cloud server. Before a big project like this can start a lot of preparation has to be done.